December 22, 2017  |  by: Staff of the Adirondack Council
Happy Holidays from the Adirondack Council: Reflecting on 2017
The year 2017 has been one for the books for Adirondack communities and conservation because of your help writing letters, signing petitions and supporting programs that help the Park. Thank you so much for your generous contributions to ensure the Adirondack Park is a beautiful place now and for future generations.
December 20, 2017  |  by: By: Jackie Bowen - Adirondack Council Conservation Fellow
Diversity – A Vision for the Adirondacks
On December 2, the Adirondack Diversity Initiative (ADI) held its 2017 Forum: Envisioning Our Future. The forum brought together individuals from across the Adirondack Park and New York State to engage in a conversation about the diversity initiative’s direction, strategic plan, and initiatives. This event marks the fourth symposium held to discuss and address diversity and inclusivity within the Adirondacks.
December 19, 2017  |  by: By: Dana Mancini - Adirondack Council Advocacy and Outreach Assistant
5 Things You Need to Know Today | December Adirondack News
Adirondack News is a collection of the most current events taking place in New York’s Adirondack Park, a unique national treasure and legacy we inherited over 100 years ago, that we have to protect for future generations. Adirondack News aims to highlight both threats and opportunities concerning the Park’s ecological integrity, wild character and community vibrancy.
December 11, 2017  |  by: By: Kaitlyn Thayer - Adirondack Council's Hamilton Program Intern
Snowflakes - How nature makes these pieces of art
Snow has returned to the Adirondacks, and I know I am not the only one who has been enjoying the fresh morning snow, the mountaintop views and the snowflakes sparkling on the ground. There are billions of snowflakes in our backyards alone, and each one is different in its shape and design. But how is this possible? The answer is behind each ice crystal’s journey from the clouds to our feet.
December 7, 2017  |  by: Mary Godnick - Marketing and Fund Development Assistant
Conservation Canines - Helping to Study Moose
While canines and wildlife are generally a bad mix, in the Adirondacks, a group of researchers is currently working with the Conservation Canine (CK9) program as part of a multi-year study on New York State moose populations. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Angela Fuller, the Unit Leader at the New York Cooperative Fish And Wildlife Research Unit at Cornell University, about the research and scat detection surveys they are conducting with Conservation Canines.
December 4, 2017  |  by: Jackie Bowen - Adirondack Council Conservation Fellow
The Town of Keene - Getting Cleaner and Greener
On Tuesday, November 14, the Town of Keene’s Town Board unanimously committed to making the town a cleaner, greener community. It did so by passing three resolutions that kick-started the town’s participation in the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) Clean Energy Communities program. The town was urged to participate in this program at the behest of a group of dedicated town residents. Known as the Keene Clean Energy Team, these individuals are helping to build a sustainable community where they live.
November 28, 2017
10 Ways to Support the ADKS this Holiday Season | Give Forever Wild
This year, add the Adirondacks to your wish list and support the six-million-acre Park that you love all year long. Instead of another scented candle or gift card, say thank you to those that introduced you to the Adirondacks and share your love for the Park with your family and friends with a donation or purchase that supports Adirondack conservation.
November 20, 2017  |  by: Jackie Bowen - Adirondack Council Conservation Fellow
Rally 2017 | The Grammy’s of Land Conservation
In October, the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) celebrated its 32nd Rally, an annual land conservation conference that brings thousands of conservationists together in a different city each year. And this year, Jackie Bowen the Council's Conservation Fellow attended Rally in Denver Colorado, and shares her first-time experience.
November 20, 2017  |  by: Kaitlyn Thayer - Adirondack Council's Hamilton Program Intern
Buy Local | Supporting  Adirondack Agriculture
This Thursday, many of us will be sitting down with our family and friends to enjoy a big meal and good company. But before you sit down with your turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes, think about where exactly your food is coming from and what it took to bring your food from the field to your plate. This Thanksgiving season, we encourage you to buy local and support the many farms and businesses in the Adirondacks or in your local area.
November 20, 2017  |  by: Adirondack Council Staff
Why We are Thankful this Holiday Season | Adirondack Council
As the holiday season is in full swing, the Adirondack Council staff would like to express our sincere thanks for the many generous donors, supporters and friends that make our work possible. With your help, we have worked together to keep the Adirondack Park a special place for families and friends to visit, live and cherish for over 40 years.

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