Our Work

Our Work

Strategic Objectives

The Adirondack Council’s 2014-2020 Strategic Plan details the five strategic objectives that are the focus of the Council’s resources, energies and voice. Below are the five objectives to which the Council’s resources, energies and voice will be applied. The Council is well positioned to tackle challenges and seize opportunities for the Adirondacks.


Defending and promoting the wild character and ecological integrity of the Adirondack Park and Forest Preserve will ensure future generations enjoy all that is special about the Adirondacks.


Supporting a better, more resilient, sustainable Adirondack Park, including vibrant communities, will protect the unique rural lifestyle of the Adirondacks and the natural resources that draw both residents and visitors to the Adirondacks.

Air and Water

Promoting the improvement of water and air quality and combating invasive species and climate change will help defend and enhance the ecological integrity of natural systems, processes and resources in the Adirondack Park.

Farms and Forests

Preserving the open space qualities of large tracts of private land and supporting working forests and farms will protect the Park’s forested and pastoral landscape diversity while providing its human populations with opportunities for comfortable and healthy lives.

Leadership and Government

Embracing responsibility for partnering, securing diverse state-wide support for a well-managed, protected Adirondacks, helping to inform the press and the public about Adirondack issues, and holding government agencies accountable will preserve the environment in harmony with resilient human communities for generations to come.

19-20 Accomplishments

22-23 Accomplishments

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