May 22, 2023  |  by: Nicholle Gotham - Adirondack Council Assistant Director of Development
The Next Generation of Adirondack Advocates
Seventy-one percent of Millennials think battling climate change should be a top priority for the government, but many may not know how to take action or how to get involved in fighting for the environment. The Adirondack Council's Next Gen Council will help usher the next generation of environmental and climate leaders into the realm of action, progress, and being heard.
May 15, 2023  |  by: Dillon Klepetar - Essex Farm Institute Farm Advocate
The Farm Revolution Won’t (All) Be Electrified
Essex Farm Institute, a program of the Adirondack Council, has been helping Adirondack growers and producers limit their climate impacts for years. The EFI grants that are awarded each year help by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, or even by helping farms become more energy independent.
May 12, 2023  |  by: Justin Levine - Communications Associate
5 Things You Need to Know | April 2023 ADK Conservation News
Catch up on April's Adirondack conservation news, with articles on the APA, farm and community grants, and the Power 100
April 20, 2023  |  by: Justin Levine - Communications Associate
Eco-Friendly Gardening
Even with the short growing season of the Adirondacks, gardens can be friendly to local wildlife and pollinators, while still providing a wholesome and bountiful harvest.
April 13, 2023  |  by: James Emmenegger - Clarence Petty Legislative Intern
Behind the Loon - Meet James Emmenegger!
Meet James Emmenegger, the Adirondack Council's 2023 Clarence Petty Legislative Intern!
April 6, 2023  |  by: Blake Neumann - Adirondack Council Clean Water Advocate
A Brief Historical Context of SCALE
This is the first in a two-part series about the Survey of Climate Change and Adirondack Lake Ecosystems (SCALE), which is a vitally important, multi-year study of air and water quality across the Adirondack Park.
April 4, 2023  |  by: Justin Levine - Communications Associate
5 Things You Need to Know | March 2023 ADK Conservation News
Read about the most important conservation news from March, including a new climate institute for students, farm grants, the state budget, and more!
March 22, 2023  |  by: Blake Neumann - Adirondack Council Clean Water Advocate
Working for the Water and the People
The Adirondack Council's Clean Water Advocate Blake Neumann discusses the importance of coordination in regards to protecting water quality - and by extension - the quality of life for people in the watershed.
March 14, 2023  |  by: Justin Levine - Communications Associate
A Flea That Won't Bite
Snow fleas, or springtails, can be a common sight on late winter days as they hop around the surface of the snow. But these little critters play an important ecological role, and are the subject of cutting edge scientific research.
March 6, 2023  |  by: Karyssa Pryce - Executive and Operations Assistant
Behind the Loon: Meet Karyssa Pryce
In our latest Behind the Loon blog, meet Executive and Operations Assistant Karyssa Pryce!

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