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March 31, 2021  |  by: Alycia Bacon - Adirondack Council Clarence Petty Advocacy Intern
5 Things You Need to Know |March 2021 ADK Conservation News
Adirondack Conservation News is a collection of the current events taking place in New York’s Adirondack Park. It aims to highlight both threats and opportunities concerning the Park’s ecological integrity, wild character, and community vibrancy.
March 17, 2021  |  by: Kevin Chlad - Adirondack Council Director of Government Relations
New York Senate Proposes $3 Billion Clean Water and Jobs Bond Act
The New York State Budget process is entering its final phase, when the Governor, Senate, and Assembly negotiate the details of a roughly $200 billion agreement. This agreement, in part, will directly impact efforts to protect wildlife and clean water in our magnificent Adirondack Park.
May 28, 2020  |  by: Casey Marvel - Adirondack Council Policy Fellow
The Costs of Road Salt in the Adirondack Park
Even though the weather is turning warmer, we still need to think about wintry roads and road salt. Because, while road salt melts away the challenges presented by wintry conditions, its use is negatively impacting the waters, communities, wilderness, and wildlands of our Adirondack Park all year long.
January 21, 2020  |  by: Casey Marvell - Adirondack Council's Policy Fellow
How Road Salt is Impacting Our Adirondack Waters
The excessive application of road salt on state roadways in the Adirondack Park is contaminating our surface waters and drinking wells. And it’s happening at an alarming rate. Without updating our road management practices in the Adirondacks, road salt pollution will continue to jeopardize safe drinking water for years to come.
December 18, 2019  |  by: Casey Marvell - Adirondack Council's Policy Fellow
Top Adirondack Conservation Accomplishments of 2019
In 2019, there were many successes that helped reaffirm the status of the Adirondack Park as a national treasure including the creation of a task force to help address overuse in the High Peaks Wilderness Area and the strongest climate law in the country. It has been a critical year in Adirondack conservation.
December 16, 2019  |  by: Kevin Chlad - Adirondack Council Director of Government Relations
The Adirondacks Depend on You for Clean Water
Water is the lifeblood of the Adirondacks. Wild mountain lakes and ponds throughout the Park provide critical habitats for wildlife. Communities and homeowners alike depend on clean lakes, streams, and groundwater for their drinking water. Businesses rely on abundant, clean water for tourism and recreation.
November 5, 2019  |  by: Guest Author, Brendan Wiltse - Science & Stewardship Director for the Ausable River Association
What's in Our Backcountry Waters?
Guest Author, Brendan Wiltse Science & Stewardship Director for the Ausable River Association, discusses the potential water quality impacts of recreational use in the High Peaks Wilderness Area.
February 7, 2019  |  by: Guest author: Jordan Ross - Trout Power
Finding Native Trout Populations in the Adirondacks Through Genetic Research
During the Adirondack Council’s recent conference Acid Rain: Securing Our Gains, Finishing the Job, Jordan Ross of Trout Power won enthusiastic support from an audience of more than 50 scientists and environmental advocates as he recounted the group’s recent work documenting the recovery of native brook trout in Adirondack waters. 
August 28, 2018  |  by: Revée Needham - Colgate University Upstate Institute Summer Field School Fellow
What’s the Deal with Road Salt? | Watershed Protection in the Adirondacks
Do you know which watershed you live in? A watershed simply means that water flows across the surface and drains into a river, lake or aquifer. Read our blog to find out more about watersheds and what you can do to help protect them.
June 26, 2018  |  by: Tyler Frakes - Adirondack Council Membership Director
A Year of Adirondack Advocacy | Cleaner Water & Air & Expanded Wilderness
For over 40 years, the Adirondack Council has been an effective, non-partisan advocate for the Adirondacks. In both Albany and the Adirondacks, our conservation advocacy and education is ongoing. Looking back over this past fiscal year, we’ve accomplished a lot of good for the Adirondacks. We owe thanks to our tens of thousands of advocates across the nation who support our mission and vision and count on the Council to be the watchdog for the Adirondack Park.

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19-20 Accomplishments

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