Clarence Petty Internship Program

Clarence Petty Internship Program

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/images/Clarence Petty.jpgClarence Petty: A native of the Adirondacks, Clarence Petty spent his lifetime working to ensure good stewardship of the state's public lands and sound decision-making about private land use in the Adirondack Park. He inspired many young conservationists and served on the Adirondack Council's Board of Directors. The program is named in his honor.

Clarence Petty Internships: The Adirondack Council is committed to offering interns an experience that will prepare them for employment in an environmental non-profit, government agency, or related field by working alongside professionals at a nationally recognized conservation organization. Clarence Petty Internship Program alumni have found jobs with state and federal government agencies and other environmental organizations. Former interns have become full-time members of the Council's program team. Others have continued with graduate study in public policy and pursued environmental law degrees. In return, the Adirondack Council has benefited from the interns’ enthusiasm and fresh perspective on the challenges facing the Adirondack Park. We are pleased to be training a new generation of environmental leaders.

How/when to apply: For more information about becoming a Clarence Petty Intern, please contact: Susan Hughes toll-free at 877.873.2240 or click HERE and fill out the form. Please indicate in the comment section that you are interested in an internship. We typically interview Elizabethtown interns in the spring to start work early in the summer. The Albany interview process typically begins in the early fall for a start date later in October.

Qualifications: Minimum 3-years+ of undergraduate education; demonstrated interest in conservation, public policy and/or the Adirondacks as demonstrated by coursework, intern/work positions, or life experiences.

Supporting the Clarence Petty Intern program for future generations: The Adirondack Council is proud to partner with the Adirondack Foundation to grow a dedicated fund to support paid internships at the Adirondack Council in Clarence Petty’s honor.

You can make a contribution to the Clarence Petty Internship Fund at the Adirondack Foundation by:

  1. Calling our Elizabethtown office at 1.877.873.2240.
  2. Sending a check made out to Adirondack Council - Adirondack Foundation Clarence Petty Internship Fund (CPIF) to:
    Adirondack Council
    PO Box D-2
    Elizabethtown, NY 12932
  3. Making a special contribution online.

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