Adirondack Wilderness

The Adirondack Park, established in 1892 for the benefit of all of the people of New York State, is six-million acres in size and contains both public and private land within its boundary. The largest park in the contiguous United States, it is an area of mixed use based upon a core of 2.6 million acres of “Forever Wild” land.

Defending and promoting the wild character and ecological integrity of the Adirondack Park and the "Forever Wild" Forest Preserve. Goals include:

  • Secure additional acres of public land for the Adirondack Forest Preserve.
  • Increase the Forever Wild acres that are protected with a Wilderness designation or Wilderness management.
  • State adoption of comprehensive conservation area complex planning.
  • Improve stewardship of state lands and waters.
  • Propose provisions to strengthen and improve Article XIV of the Constitution, the Forever Wild Clause.

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