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June 18, 2020  |  by: Casey Marvell - Adirondack Council Policy Fellow
2020 Bond Act Supports Clean Water and Jobs | A Historic Opportunity for the Adirondack Park
In the 2020 New York State Budget, Governor Cuomo and the Legislature authorized sending the $3 billion Restore Mother Nature Bond Act to the polls in November, where it requires final approval by the voters. This is an extraordinary chance for the state to invest in Adirondack water, wildlife and wildlands, and create jobs that will support local communities and protect public health.
October 18, 2019  |  by: Lisa M. Genier - Adirondack Council Program Analyst
About the Common Loon
Loons. We all love them. We all get a thrill when we see a loon or hear their haunting cries. A bit of  research further expanded my appreciation for these creatures I have enjoyed my entire life. Here’s what I learned about this great symbol of wilderness.
January 11, 2019  |  by: Jackie Bowen - Adirondack Council Conservation Fellow
10 Adirondack Wildlife to Spot in the Winter
Wintertime is peaceful in the Adirondack Park. It is a bit quieter as you will see less people braving the trails covered in snow. Also, you are more likely to see some iconic Adirondack wildlife. When you're out and about in the Park, keep your eyes peeled for some of these winter loving Adirondack animals.
December 11, 2018  |  by: Kevin Chlad - Adirondack Council Director of Government Relations
What the Adirondacks Can Hope for in 2019
Looking to 2019 with hope for an even brighter future for the Adirondack Park. Our Adirondack legacy is a product of our constant yearning to do more and do better every day for the next generation. We have so much work left to do, so please join the Adirondack Council in fighting to build upon that legacy. Here are just a few efforts that give me hope for 2019.
September 17, 2018  |  by: Meg Desmond - Adirondack Council Clarence Petty Intern
Is the Endangered Species Act in Danger?  | Lessons to Learn from Red Wolves
In June, the US Fish and Wildlife Service proposed a rule that threatens the existence of red wolves. Although red wolves do not inhabit the Adirondack Park, we should be concerned about this. Why? Because this rule sets a dangerous precedent for the treatment of other endangered species, including those who call the Adirondacks their home like the Spruce Grouse, Short-Eared Owl, Peregrine Falcon, and Indiana Bat.
August 10, 2018  |  by: By: Kevin Chlad - Director of Government Relations
Advice for Aspiring Stargazers and the Impacts of Outdoor Lighting
When is the last time you saw an exceptional view of the stars in the sky? Last night? Last year? Can you even remember the last time you saw a truly magnificent night sky? Read our blog to find out how you can see spectacular views in the night sky.
July 11, 2018  |  by: Revée Needham - Colgate University Upstate Institute Summer Field School Fellow
Celebrating #PlasticFreeJuly |10 Simple Things You Can Do
Across the world, people from 150 nations have signed up to take part in Plastic Free July to tackle this issue. Are you ready to reduce plastic in your life?
July 3, 2018  |  by: Lisa M. Genier - Adirondack Council Program Analyst
10 Facts About Hummingbirds – And other interesting tidbits
I've always loved hummingbirds. They are interesting creatures and have many unique qualities. Some of these qualities are physical features, others are quirky behaviors. I bet you know a few of these, but others may surprise you. Read on to find learn about the world's tiniest bird.
April 3, 2018  |  by: Willie Janeway – Adirondack Council Executive Director
Adirondack Council Members Petitioned Congress, Saved EPA’s Budget
The Adirondack Council expresses its deepest gratitude to thousands of its members and other supporters, who signed petitions, wrote emails, made phone calls or personally visited members of Congress, urging them to protect the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) budget this year.
March 14, 2018  |  by: John Sheehan - Adirondack Council Director of Communications
Fate of Brook Trout Tied to (March 27) Federal Budget Deadline
Congress is poised to make deep cuts to federal programs that protect the Adirondack Park from acid rain. It is threatening the progress we have made in saving our 11,000 lakes and ponds, our 30,000 miles of brooks and streams – our loons, trout and wildlife -- from acid rain.

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