The ultimate goal of the Adirondack Council’s VISION project is to help the Adirondack Park achieve a future, in 2050, with large Wilderness areas, a Forever Wild Forest Preserve, healthy, abundant and diverse wildlife populations, clean water and clean air for all life, sustainable working forests and farms, and diverse, welcoming and vibrant communities.

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VISION Project Introduction

Dynamic change continues apace in the Park, creating the need and the opportunity for the long-range strategy the Adirondack Council’s Adirondack VISION Project seeks to develop. Without such strategic planning, the future of the Park will be shaped by piecemeal decision-making subject to the political pressures of the moment.

Lasting protection requires an updated vision and roadmap to guide management decisions. To preserve the Adirondack Park forever we need consistent principles and a comprehensive plan, based on sound science. Both the need and the will exist to launch a third period of rapid transformation within the Park. When those who care about the Adirondacks see beyond the turmoil of the moment to a shared vision we can fulfill the promise of a Park, where people and nature can thrive together, protected for all time.  Read more.

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VISION Project Progress

The initial planning and launch phases of the VISION 2050 project resulted in important deliverables and achievements. Working with the NY Natural Heritage Program, we completed an analysis and report on the recommendations of the Council’s earlier 2020 VISION series. The report shows the many successes of land protection efforts over the past 40 years and key parcels that still warrant preservation through public or private actions. We also, with allies, transformed the way the state, town governments, and partners are thinking, talking about, planning, and funding actions to advance the preservation of Adirondack Park Wilderness and address state land stewardship needs and overuse.

May 2020 VISION project update

Preserving and Stewarding Public Land

Efforts to encourage more people to visit the Adirondacks have been extremely successful. But unmanaged high use – overuse – degrades the Park’s wilderness character and communities. The VISION project includes efforts to improve visitor management to protect the Park, now and in perpetuity.   StoryMap on Overuse in the Adirondacks

The Adirondack Council contracted with The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to study, report, and recommend actions that New York State can take to safeguard the Adirondack Park’s most popular destinations from harm as the number of Park visitors continues to rise. Chief among them are comprehensive planning, expanded education and outreach, and improved visitor management in some locations. Read the report announcements - press releases: 1, 2, and 3.

Looking Ahead

The VISION project will produce narratives providing an aspirational vision for the Adirondack Park for 2050. Expert and key stakeholder input will be sought in articulating goals to help achieve that vision through a series of workshops. These workshops will help inform the VISION reports, which will include narratives and broad goals for each of the three project areas: Preserving Natural Communities, Fostering Vibrant Communities, Managing the Park. Additionally, final reports will be completed on Stewardship of Public Lands and on addressing Climate Change within the Park.

VISION Project Framework

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  1. Preservation of the Natural Communities
    • Climate change and preserving resiliency
    • Ecological diversity and ecological integrity 
    • Protecting clean water and air
    • Wild character - wild lands, wilderness, rewilding

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  1. A Living Park - Fostering Vibrant Human Communities 

    • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
    • Working Forests
    • Working Farms
    • Outdoor recreation economy
    • Human Diversity

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  1. Managing the Park

    • Adirondack Park Management and stewardship of public lands
    • Managing for climate change
    • Park governance
    • Completing the Forest Preserve
    • Promoting research and monitoring for science-based decision making

Vision Project Steering Committee

Charlie Canham, Ph.D. (Co-chair)
Tom Curley (Co-chair)

Emily Bateson
Georgina Cullman, Ph.D.
Bob Kafin
Laurel Skarbinski
Craig Weatherup

Michael Bettmann (Board Chair)
Willie Janeway (Executive Director)
Julia Goren (VISION Project Director)

19-20 Accomplishments

20-21 Accomplishments

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