Board of Directors 2019-2020

Michael A. Bettmann, M.D.

Sarah C. Hatfield
Laurel Skarbinski

Daniel J. Ryterband

Liza Cowan

Past Chair:
Robert J. Kafin

Kurt Abrahamson
Emily M. Bateson
Jill Choate Beier
David E. Bronston
Charles D. Canham, Ph.D.
Ann E. Carmel 
Georgina Cullman, Ph.D.
Thomas Curley
Philip R. Forlenza
Ethan Friedman
Lea Paine Highet
Lee Keet 
Kevin McNulty
Meredith M. Prime
John Reschovsky
Brian Ruder
Kate Russell
Douglas Schultz
Noah Shaw
Douglas Stewart
Curtis R. Welling
Ethan Winter


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