Cool Farms/Healthy Park Grant Projects Update

In the spring of 2017, the Adirondack Council proudly awarded its second round of Cool Farms/Healthy Park micro-grants to 23 Adirondack farms and small businesses. These grants are designed to make local operations more environmentally friendly while helping them to remain -- or become -- an important part of a sustainable Adirondack economy. The grants may be used to fully fund a project or to supplement other funds and grants. Read below to learn about a few completed projects!


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Essex Farm- Carbon Sequestration with Legume Cover Crops

Essex Farm is an 1,100-acre sustainable farm located in the Champlain Valley of the Adirondack Park. The farm offers a full diet, year round CSA Membership which can be picked up at the farm or delivered door-to-door in New York City, Albany, and the Tri-Lakes Area. The “healthy, transformative food” is hand grown and picked, and prepared with care. Mark and Kristin are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by planting legumes that trap carbon in their roots.

“Thanks to the grant we sowed 25 acres of soybeans exclusively for a cover crop and another 20 acres of oats and peas.” - Mark


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Tangleroot Farm-Passively Heated Growing Space

Tangleroot Farm is a 20-acre organic farm located in the Champlain Valley. Their vision is to produce healthy food with the least amount of ecological disruption. This means no chemical pesticides and barely any mechanized tools! The farm feeds over 75 families with their 21-week CSA program from Essex, NY to Saratoga Springs, NY.

Tangleroot Farm purchased and installed a 30'x100' high tunnel to act as a passively heated growing space. The addition of a covered growing space results in higher quality crops in the summer months and a greater ability to grow hardy crops throughout the winter without a fuel input. The tunnel will help bolster community access to local food sources during the restrictive winter months.  

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Rehoboth Homestead-Solar Panel System for Clean Energy

Rehoboth Homestead was originally opened in 2002 as a ‘homestead’ for Beth Spaugh and her husband to use for their own growing purposes. Before long, their vision was expanded and farming became a full-time job. Beth's goal is to produce clean, healthy food by being a good steward of the land and of her animals. Her vegetable and cutting flowers are grown using organic methods.

Beth used the grant money from the Council to supplement other funds to complete the $34,850 project. The 10.44 kw photovoltaic system has replaced over 70% of the farm's electricity and has significantly reduced farm-related emissions. The system also supplies a steady amount of energy throughout the year.  


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Cloud-Splitter Outfitters- Solar Panel Project

Cloud-Splitter Outfitters is a four season outfitter in Newcomb, NY. From kayaking and canoeing to camping, hiking, and biking, Cloud-Splitter will meet your needs while providing a memorable experience. They also offer lodging at two different sites in Newcomb. In their store, you will find everything you need to have the perfect Adirondack experience.

"We couldn’t be happier with the process and resulting product. We feel that the location Ruth and I selected was ideal for such a unit. Although it is highly visible from the road it blends so well with the physical surroundings that many do not even notice it. We also feel that this small project will be a contributor in the quest to reduce our dependency on less clean sources of electrical energy." -Dave


If you’d like to support the Cool Farms/Healthy Park grant program for Adirondack farms and small businesses for 2018, you can make a donation online here.


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Kate Brooker is our Clarence Petty Intern in our Elizabethtown office. She graduated this past spring from St. Lawrence University with a degree in Chemistry and Geology. Kate’s interest in science and policy comes from her strong connection to the Adirondack Park. This summer, while working at the Council, she hopes to expand her understanding of conservation legislation as it applies to the Park. When Kate is not working, you can find her skiing, hiking, and trying to improve her fly fishing skills.

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