Cool Farms/Healthy Park Program

Cool Farms/Healthy Park Micro-Grants

Farms and small businesses are vital components of the Adirondack Park that continually enrich the biological, cultural, and economic diversity of our region. As such, they stand to play another vital role within the Park: stewards of climate change mitigation and resilience. To aid in this role, Cool Farms/Healthy Park micro-grants provide funding for farming or small business projects that address climate change.

Farms are an integral component of the diverse landscape which make the Adirondacks biologically rich, resilient, and beautiful. Specifically, farms provide healthy and sustainably grown food vital to the region. Further, Adirondack farmers earn their living by being stewards of the land as well as productive participants in the local economy. That being said, farmers are small business owners who sometimes need help to be economically and environmentally sustainable.

Small businesses are the cultural and social institutions which form the economic foundation of the region. As well, small businesses play a critical role in supporting year-round residents while accommodating millions of tourists every year. To help small-businesses address climate change, such as reductions in energy consumption or carbon emissions, Cool Farms/Healthy Park provides micro-grants to eligible applicants.

Cool Farms/Healthy Park micro-grants are awarded for energy conservation, carbon emissions reduction, and clean and environmentally healthy sustainable farming and small business efforts. Projects enhance the economic, human, and/or environmental sustainability, and climate resiliency of the Adirondack Park.

How you can help:

For each $25 Cool Farms/ Healthy Park Carbon Reduction Certificate purchased by donors, the Adirondack Council will obtain and retire one carbon allowance from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

The proceeds of these certificate sales are used two ways: to buy more allowances and to help replenish the Cool Farms/Healthy Park micro-grants fund.

Each RGGI allowance represents government authorization to emit one ton of carbon pollution. Only a limited number are issued each year and each year the number is reduced until the region’s carbon-reduction goals are met. Every allowance that is retired instead of being used equals an additional one-ton reduction in the regional pollution cap.

Donors receive a certificate explaining how the donation is helping to protect public health, clean water, wildlife, and ecologically sensitive places like the Adirondack Park. Donors have the option of receiving a certificate suitable for framing, made out to whomever they wish, recognizing support for cool farms, healthy park, climate smart farming, and carbon reduction.

Deciding how to make a meaningful difference to fight climate change can be overwhelming. The Adirondack Council can help you. Through our Cool Farms/Healthy Park Grants program, you can reduce global carbon emissions, help to sustain Adirondack farms with grants and limit the local and global impacts of climate change.

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