Behind the Loon: Meet: Safa Mammeri

Briefly Describe Your Role at The Council

Hello! I’m Safa Mammeri, this year’s Clarence Petty legislative intern. While working with the staff of the government relations team at the Council's Albany office, my role consists of putting together a Legislative Retrieval Service(LRS) portfolio that the team can use to decide what bills the Council supports and/or opposes during the legislative session. I also keep track of bills’ movements through the legislative process and review the Senate and Assembly committee agendas and calendars. Also, I have recently completed my lobby training. So far, my runs to the capitol, though extremely tiring, have been very insightful in my understanding of how to navigate the political systems of New York State. I hope to use everything I learn with the Council to advocate for the land and its people.


It's 5:00 on a Friday and you're leaving the office for the weekend. Where are you going, what are you doing?

It depends entirely on the season! In the winter, I usually beeline it home to snuggle up with my husband and cat. Occasionally, we’d go on a hike or a stroll (if the weather permits). Summers are totally different! With the sun setting later in the day, you’d likely find me on the bike trail near the Hudson’s or collecting rocks while exploring Quebec’s countryside. I strongly believe in traveling whenever I find the time, even if it is just a road trip to a fire tower in Ludlow or a weekend trip North to experience the auroras. On the rare chance that I don’t plan my weekends around the outdoors, I’m probably holed up somewhere working on my small photography business, @safsou

What's one thing people don't know about the Adirondacks, but should?

A day trip to the Adirondacks will completely alter your view of and how you interact with nature. The first time I hiked was up Indian Head in late October when the vibrant orange/red foliage was beginning to fade. There was something beautifully vulnerable about sitting on a rock to catch my breath while 2000 feet in elevation and catching a glimpse of a blue jay flying by. The effortlessness in its movement truly knocked me off my feet; in those few seconds, I was simply an observer, a  bystander. And that realization puts into perspective my role as a human in minimizing harm to wildlife.

What is one issue that we are engaged in that means a lot to you?

One issue close to my heart is addressing the presence of forever chemicals and exploring different holistic ways for environmental remediation. PTFE, known commonly by its trademark name Teflon, is a molecule developed during the 1940s as part of a war project. During the creation of the atomic bomb, PFTE would hold toxic uranium hexafluoride in pipes at the uranium plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Today, it is found everywhere, from everyday household products to underground reservoirs to even cloud water. Our beloved Adirondack region deserves to keep its pristine landscape, and its residents should not suffer from human activity. Tackling forever chemicals not only safeguards the environment but also ensures the well-being of our communities. It’s a cause that resonates with the essence of responsible stewardship, and I am proud to support the Adirondack Council in this vital initiative.


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