Adirondack Council State Budget and Legislative Priorities - 2019

Adirondack Council State Budget and Legislative Priorities - 2019

State Budget Priorities

  • Approve Governor Cuomo’s recently announced $10 billion fund for clean water infrastructure, clean energy and parks, with $500 million dedicated to:
    • Improving visitor services, community infrastructure, trails, and access while protecting the Adirondack Park's water and wildlife;
    • Improving management of the Park when and where overuse is putting visitors at risk and/or degrading the Adirondack's natural resources or wilderness;
    • Adding additional Adirondack Park staff, such as Rangers, (seasonal) Assistant Rangers, Trail Crews, Environmental Conservation Officers, and other environmental agency staffing
  • Support continued investments in a $300 million or larger Environmental Protection Fund, with funding for open space, invasive species management, Wilderness and state land stewardship, and smart growth
  • Renew and make technical corrections to the $2.5 billion Clean Water Infrastructure Fund
  • Reform forest tax laws to better incentivize environmentally-responsible forestry and private open space conservation while reimbursing local communities for lost revenue, without inadvertently promoting substandard forestry practices, questionable recreation development, or increases in air pollution
  • Fund Adirondack diversity with a $250,000 appropriation to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the Park and make the Adirondacks a more welcoming and inclusive community
  • Dedicate funding to a coordinated, strategic multi-partner Adirondack research and monitoring program, to develop science that can guide policies to address climate change and other threats to clean water, human communities and wildlife

State Legislative Priorities

  • Update the Adirondack Park Agency Act to make Conservation Development mandatory for the Park’s largest, most sensitive and remote private lands
  • Codify a general ban on all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use on the Forest Preserve and other state lands, with strong penalties for trespass
  • Pass legislation to make permanent the prohibition on the introduction of invasive species into our waterways, while making inspections and/or boat washing mandatory in the Adirondacks
  • Secure first passage of a constitutional amendment to remove Camp Gabriels from the Forest Preserve
  • Authorize the Adirondack and Catskill Health and Safety Land Account by passing legislation to add no less than 250 acres to the Forest Preserve
  • Pass legislation authorizing the inclusion of an additional landowner into the settlement of roughly 200 disputed titles, which was approved by voters in a 2014 constitutional amendment
  • Fill outstanding appointments/reappointments for six vacant/expired seats on the Adirondack Park Agency Board with members that will uphold the letter and spirit of the Adirondack Park Agency Act

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