Recipients of Micro-Grants

Recipients of Micro-Grants

Learn more about the Micro-Grants for Adirondack Farms

2021 Microgrant Projects

The Adirondack Council awarded 21 micro-grants totaling $29,601 to local farmers and value-added producers, in an effort to build a climate-friendly local economy in the Adirondack Park. The Council received 42 complete applications seeking a total of $73,395 in funding. Awarded projects include composting units for local food waste recycling, an electric-assist cargo-bike, cover cropping, energy-efficient equipment, and more. 

It was the sixth consecutive year that the Adirondack Council has awarded micro-grants to farmers and small business owners who want to reduce their environmental impact and adapt to a changing climate.  Since 2016, the micro-grant program has awarded $158,997 to fund 103 projects. The successful micro-grant program has been made possible by the generous support of the Klipper Family Fund and other donors.


  • Adirondack Naturals, Saranac Lake: $1,500 to erect a greenhouse with windmill and solar generator. 
  • Ausable Brewing Company, Keeseville: $1,500 to replace uninsulated fermenting vessels with insulated fermenting vessels to conserve energy. 
  • Berube Botanicals, Vermontville: $1,500 to erect a farm stand to sell locally grown organic produce.  
  • Blackberry Hill Farm, Athol: $1,500 to purchase portable solar-powered fencing for rotational grazing. 
  • Blue Line Compost LLC, Saranac Lake: $1,500 to purchase materials for bagging locally sourced compost to sell. 
  • Cook Family Enterprises LLC, Owls Head: $1,500 to build a containment area for composting manure. 
  • Cornell Uihlein Maple Forest, Lake Placid: $1,500 to purchase a thermostat control for the vacuum pump, a battery-powered chainsaw, and small reverse osmosis equipment. 
  • Craigardan, Elizabethtown: $998 for the remediation of heavily logged lands with cover crops for pasture creation and pollinator forage. 
  • Echo Farm, Essex: $1,500 to purchase equipment to deliver biodiesel to local farms. 
  • Essex Farm, Essex: $1,500 to render animal fat into biodiesel to be used on-farm.  
  • Forever Wild Farm, Lake Placid: $1,500 to purchase organic compost and new compost units. 
  • Four Leaf Clover Bee Farm, Ellenburg Center: $650 for organic mite treatment for bee colonies. 
  • Full and By Farm, Essex: $1,500 to purchase an electric-assist cargo-bike for on and off-farm transportation. 
  • Harris Family Farm, Westport: $1,500 for a draft horse-drawn potato harvester and work harness for a new draft horse. 
  • Hub on the Hill, Essex: $1,500 for a free air pump and educational materials.  
  • Mad Crazy Flowers, Elizabethtown: $1,500 to purchase solar heating equipment for a solar-powered dehydrator.  
  • Mark Twain Mapleworks, Saranac Lake: $1,500 to install a culvert and bank stabilization to mitigate soil erosion. 
  • Norman Ridge Farmstead, Vermontville: $1,500 for local hardy grass and legume cover crops. 
  • North Country Creamery, Keeseville: $1,500 to design a new hay barn to hold solar panels for on-farm electricity.  
  • The Workshop in V-ville LLC, Redford: $1,500 to build a high flow composter and improve composter housing unit.
  • Twin Hill Farms LLC, Vermonville: $1,500 for the conversion of a heated basement to a growing room.  

2020 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Adirondack farms for threats from COVID-19 and climate change. 13 grants awarded to 13 farms, 8 for environmental awards and five for COVID-19 related projects, a total of $37,492

(ENV = environmental award; C-19 = COVID-related)

  • Adirondack Hay & Grains, Essex: (ENV) $2,500 to purchase Trimble FMX GPS hardware to survey and install water management improvements such as tile, ditches, and land leveling, with the goal to reduce water runoff.
  • ADK Food Hub, Tupper Lake: (ENV) $5,000 to purchase a solar-powered mini-split A/C unit and coolbot (a device that turns a room and an A/C unit into a walk-in refrigerator). The heat recovery unit will capture waste heat from the A/C and transfer it to a water heater tank for hot water use. The coolbot will double storage capacity to meet increased local food demands.
  • DaCy Meadow Farm, Westport: (C-19) $5,000 to purchase supplies like cooler bags, freezer packs and a commercial oven to meet the increased demand on the farm's prepared and delivered meal service as a result of COVID-19.
  • Echo Farm, Essex: (C-19) $4,492 to cover operating expenses that can no longer be met as a result of COVID-19 and to support the farm's transition to providing CSA shares for the community.
  • Essex Farm, Essex: (ENV) $3,000 to construct electrified permanent fencing for grazing sheep and cattle. The fencing will allow the animals to be rotated daily within the pasture, which will increase soil health and enhance carbon-capturing properties of the plants.
  • Fledging Crow Vegetables, Keeseville: (C-19) $5,000 to provide assistance to meet increased expenses of more employees living on the farm for two-week quarantines after working at NYC farmers' markets and to purchase masks, gloves and other safety gear for employees.
  • Forever Wild Apothecary, Lake Placid: (ENV) $1,500 to install semi-permanent solar goat fencing, solar drip irrigation with solar water pump, and a greenhouse with a solar fan to support the growth and production of locally sourced herbs, herbal products, soaps, and other products.
  • Full and By Farm, Essex: (ENV) $3,000 to continue the construction of a highly energy-efficient greenhouse with the smallest plastic footprint, designed with engineering students from Clarkson, by running electric lines, burying a water line, and pouring a properly drained foundation.
  • Little Hills Farm, Westport: (C-19) $1,000 to increase food storage capacity by installing a new cooler and upgrading food safety handling principles to accommodate increasing demand brought on by COVID-19.
  • Mace Chasm Farm, Keeseville: (ENV) $1,500 to diversify the farm's land use by planting pear, hybrid plum, and black locust tree crops. The fruit will provide fresh local fruits grown with organic practices to the community. The black locust will help add more nitrogen to the soil while in the ground and will later provide rot-resistance lumber for the farm.
  • Oregano Flats Farm, Saranac: (ENV) $1,500 to replace diesel-burning tractor implements with electric tools, such as harrow and tiller, to minimize fossil fuel emissions and support the farm's aim to permanently cease all use of fossil fuels on the farm in 2020.
  • Small Town Cultures, Keene: (C-19) $2,000 to purchase produce and supplies due to the loss of a local wholesale opportunity and to supplement financial loss resulting from COVID-19.
  • Wild Work Farm, Keene Valley: (ENV) $2,000 to install a grow-light setup; and, install a remote temperature monitoring system for greenhouses and a walk-in cooler to minimize travel to the off-site farm, efficiently manage greenhouse temperatures and collect/track data.

2019 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Adirondack farms and small businesses in Willsboro. 18 grants awarded to 14 farms and 4 small businesses.

Farm Grants

  • Adirondack Hay & Grains (Essex): $1,000 to purchase GPS assisted steering (Trimble guidance) to eliminate overlap turning and to conduct a case study to assess emissions/fuel reductions as a result of GPS technology;
  • Christian Brothers Farm (Willsboro): $1,200 to purchase or build a double rake hitch to eliminate the use of a second tractor for haying;
  • Craigardan (Keene): $3,000 for the 2019 Food Justice Summit – FEED BACK: Cultivating action;
  • DaCy Meadow Farm (Westport): $1,150 to purchase a WindyNation 300W solar energy kit to passively power a new chicken coop that will also function as a brooding facility & greenhouse;
  • Essex Farm (Essex): $1,400 to purchase 400lbs of legume seed cover crop (clover family) to seed 50 acres of farmland for carbon sequestration and soil health;
  • Green Street Family Farm & Sawmill (Keeseville): $1,500 to purchase a backup battery and pressurized system with frost protection for solar water pump;
  • Juniper Hill Farm (Westport): $1,500 to host a sustainable home building, hands-on workshop featuring sessions on: geothermal installation, heat pumps, radiant heating and straw bale home construction;
  • Moonstone Farm (Saranac Lake): $1,500 to purchase a CoolBot Pro with Wi-Fi and a 15k BTU AC unit for a new 8' by 6' CoolBot Cooler;
  • North Country Creamery (Keeseville): $1,500 to replace propane heaters with solar energy-sourced electric heat pumps for on-farm café and farm store;
  • Open Gate Farmstead (Keeseville): $1,500 to build a boundary fence, construct a "living fence" using berry bushes, and purchase fruit, nut, etc. seeds to be planted as food sources for livestock and to help address soil erosion;
  • Oregano Flats (Saranac): $1,500 to replace greenhouse plastic with SolaWrap, a high tunnel plastic film that has a lifespan of 25+ years;
  • Reber Rock Farm (Essex): $1,500 to complete the installation of a frost-free watering unit, including excavation and extension of a water line, and a concrete pad on which the watering unit will sit;
  • Sugar House Creamery (Upper Jay): $1,000 to purchase a ripper attachment for the front-end loader of a tractor to aerate winter bedding in cow house;
  • Twin Hills Farm (Vermontville): $1,400 to convert a greenhouse heating system to use waste oil, and to set up educational stations for school groups;

Small Business Grants

  • Ausable Brewing Company (Keeseville): $1,500 to upgrade a solar hot water system by purchasing a 500-gallon water storage tank used for brewing in order to minimize dependence on a backup propane water heater;
  • Hub on the Hill (Essex): $1,500 to install solar panels to help power a refrigeration system within a new delivery truck;
  • Indian Bay Marina (Willsboro): $1,500 to add spray foam insulation to the underside of restaurant building; and, 
  • Northern Feast Catering (Keeseville): $1,500 to purchase and install a new oven (Vulcan Series SX36-6BN oven) to replace the current oven that leaks propane.

2018 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Champlain Valley farms and small businesses in Old Forge. 19 grants awarded to 15 farms and 4 small businesses, a total of $19,600.

Farm Grants

  • Black Kettle Farm – Essex – $1,500 to purchase a keyline plow to build, aerate and loosen soil for tree planting and to aerate wet pasture land;
  • Blue Pepper Farm – Jay – $1,300 to add a rainwater catchment system with water storage to the barn for livestock;
  • Brick House Farm Herbals – Essex  – $1,500 to build a swale along a prime agriculture plot location to create a sustainable agriculture utility out of non-agricultural land;
  • Clover Mead Café & Farm Store – Keeseville – $1,500 to purchase materials to weatherize and insulate doors and windows of the café and farm store, and paint the exterior of the café;
  • DaCy Meadow Farm – Westport – $1,000 to purchase a solar fence energizer, temporary fencing, and all connectors for a rotational grazing system;
  • Echo Farm – Essex – $1,500 to install an off-grid solar-powered energy system to power lighting, a display fridge, and a scale within a newly established farm stand;
  • Essex Farm – Essex – $1,500 to purchase a small-scale solar-powered water pump to be moved around the farm to provide water for animals and irrigation;
  • Fledging Crow Vegetables – Keeseville – $1,300 to hire an excavator to move nearly 50 tons of compost into piles in order to eliminate dependence on 10 hauls of off-site compost per year;
  • Full and By Farm – Essex – $1,500 (following a NYSERDA* energy audit) to upgrade lighting and an old freezer, and upgrade and expand chamber lighting with LED grow lights;
  • Green St. Family Farm & Sawmill – Keeseville – $1,500 to install a solar water pump;
  • Mace Chasm Farm – Keeseville – $1,500 to purchase an energy-efficient poultry scalder;
  • Staley’s Maple Syrup & Farm – Saranac – $1,500 to purchase an energy-efficient reverse osmosis system and wood gasification evaporator;
  • Tangleroot Farm – Essex – $1,500 to purchase greenhouse plastic, vents, fans and additional hardware and hire additional labor to complete a high tunnel project;
  • Triple Green Jade Farm – Willsboro – $500 to purchase solar electric fencing for a moveable chicken coup to produce organic eggs; and,
  • Woven Meadows Farm – Saranac – $500 for walk-in cooler improvements.

Small Business Grants

  • Adirondack Woodcraft Camps – Old Forge – $1,500 to upgrade to energy-efficient kitchen appliances;
  • Hemmer Cottage – Old Forge – $1,500 to add cellulose insulation to preserve an historic building;
  • Old Forge Hardware & Furniture Co. – Old Forge – $1,500 to install an insulated fiberglass door; and,
  • The Toboggan Inn – Old Forge – $1,500 to install 13 energy-efficient windows.

2017 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Local farms and small businesses in the 5 town region. 23 grants awarded to 16 farms and 7 small businesses, a total of $27,000.

Farm Grants

  • Ben Wever Farm - $500 to purchase beekeeping space & equipment;
  • Craigardan - $1,200 to build four solar electric chargers to power electric fences;
  • DaCy Meadow Farm - $1,500 to purchase, site, construct, and utilize a hydraulic ram pump (an energy-free watering system);
  • Echo Farm - $1,500 to build solar-powered irrigation for vegetables & livestock;
  • Essex Farm - $2,000 to plant four types of legumes for carbon sequestration;
  • Essex Farm Institute - $1,500 to host a carbon-related symposium;
  • Full and By Farm - $1,000 for maintenance and upgrades to horse-drawn farming equipment;
  • Harris Family Farm - $1,000 to purchase horse-drawn hay wagon;
  • The Hub on the Hill - $1,000 to implement phase II of a solar installation project;
  • Juniper Hill Farm - $600 for the construction of steam autoclave for mushroom spawn sterilization;
  • Oregano Flats Farm - $1,055.25 to purchase “phase change material” to improve thermal mass for solar gain;
  • Reber Rock Farm - $1,500 to purchase composting thermometer and other tools;
  • Rehoboth Homestead - $1,500 for the installation of a 10.44kw photovoltaic system;
  • Tangleroot Farm - $1,000 to purchase and install a high tunnel for a passively heated growing space;
  • Tim Rowland - $1,000 to build solar-powered fencing & watering system, and tree planting along Ausable River;
  • Wildwork Farm - $500 to install a moveable greenhouse;

Small Business Grants

  • Adirondac Rafting Company - $1,500 to insulate doorways;
  • Adirondack Hotel - $1,500 for insulation and LED lighting;
  • Cloud-Splitter Outfitters - $1,500 for the installation of solar;
  • Cv-Wireless - $1,000 to expand to more local farms in order to provide them with internet access;
  • Hoot Owl Lodge - $1,299 for spray foam insulation;
  • Scoops Great Ice Cream & More - $500 to install two new air conditioning systems; and,
  • The Inn at Santanoni - $1,500 for energy efficient appliance and insulation updates.

Total amount awarded: over $27,000

2016 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Local farms, predominantly in Essex County. 12 Grants awarded to 12 farms, a total of $12,500.

Farm Grants 

  • Black Kettle Farm – $1,500 for horse-powered wood-splitting operation;
  • Boquet Valley Farm $1,000 to modify and enhance beekeeping equipment;
  • Echo Farm$1,500 for improvements to a solar-powered watering system;
  • Harris Family Farm$1,500 for draft-horse gear at an organic dairy;
  • Hub on the Hill$1,500 for solar power improvements;
  • Juniper Hill Farm$1,500 to upgrade cold-storage and decrease energy use;
  • Kelsie’s Creamery$500 to increase seeding and pasture sustainability;
  • North Branch Farm$1,000 for diversified, more climate-resilient crops;
  • North Country Creamery $500 to expand/improve grazing rotations;
  • Reber Rock Farm$500 to go towards an expanded marketing campaign;
  • Sugar House Creamery$500 to upgrade milking technology;
  • Tangleroot Farm$1,000 for a growing tunnel to support early season crops.

Total amount awarded: $12,500

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