Protect Adirondack Waters from Invasive Species!

Protect Adirondack Waters from Invasive Species!

Urge the Legislature to expand mandatory boat washing in the Adirondacks

Our abundance of clean flowing water is one of the reasons our Adirondack Park is a national treasure. However, invasive species continue to degrade water quality, the local economy and aquatic life.

On June 1, a New York State law that has supported a mostly voluntary invasive species prevention program for the last four years will expire. This law must be reauthorized and strengthened so Adirondack waters will be better protected from the spread of existing invasives and introduction of new invaders. Many other states and the Lake George area of the Adirondacks have mandatory boat washing programs, but this protection does not exist for the rest of the Park. This is where we need your help.

Please tell Senate and Assembly Environmental Conservation Chairs (Senator Todd Kaminsky & Assemblyman Steve Englebright) to protect Adirondack waters this year by making boat washing mandatory in the Adirondacks. Please personalize your letter and tell them:

  • Thank you for your environmental leadership and commitment to clean water.
  • The Adirondack Park is a national treasure and its waters need better protecting from invasive species.
  • Environmental Conservation Law §9-1710 is set to expire June 1. Please reauthorize and strengthen this law to expand successful mandatory boat washing across the Adirondacks!

NOTE: Not a resident of New York State? Your voice will still have an impact! Sample language: “My permanent address is not in New York, but I do… visit, have a second home, recognize the global importance of the Adirondacks, consider the Adirondacks my spiritual home," etc.

You can edit the letter in the box or send as-is.

 Thank you so much!

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19-20 Accomplishments

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