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Statement of Grief and Determination

By: William C. Janeway, Executive Director, Adirondack Council
Wednesday, June 3, 2020

As all reasonable humans ​do, we grieve for the suffering & murder of George Floyd and many other ​people of color. ​Black Lives Matter.  We support the protestors and will work to make our country, and the #Adirondacks, a more humane, just and welcoming place. We must -- and can -- do better. 

The Adirondack Council stands with the George Floyd protestors and those who affirm that police brutality and institutionalized racism is reprehensible. Black Lives Matter. Our hearts ache to see the brutal and deadly tactics used to suppress the righteous indignation expressed by those who witnessed his death at the hands of police. Let us not allow this moment to pass without taking stock and making needed change in the Adirondacks and across America.

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The Adirondack Park is a precious gift. We hope to pass it down to future generations in better shape than it is today. There is strength in diversity. Because of its diversity, New York reaps the benefits of the world’s broadest pool of talent, skill and aspiration. The Adirondacks must welcome and nurture that diversity. In doing so we honor this national treasure and solidify it as a place of respite, refuge and peace, for everyone. 

It’s up to white Americans to eradicate racial injustice. Silence in the face of inequity is the same as consent. History has taught us all too well. Those who know the truth cannot remain silent and expect to remain untouched. In the absence of moral leadership, violence and hatred threaten to outpace compassion and understanding.   

Whether facing a deadly pandemic such as COVID-19, climate change or officially sanctioned racial cruelty, the privileged have an obligation to take action and find new ways forward that honor all people and values richness of difference. Prosperity and peace will be elusive, and the Adirondacks cannot thrive for all, without justice and inclusion. 

The future of the Adirondack Park depends on everyone feeling welcome and safe here. That takes work and commitment from local residents, businesses and organizations. Let’s do something positive today to usher in a better tomorrow.  

We intend to act. Try to change things for the better. Fess up to our mistakes, learn from them, and do better moving forward. We want you to do the same. Progress is messy and it depends on you and me.

We will continue our work with the Adirondack Diversity Initiative to help the Adirondack Council evolve and improve as an organization that embraces all people, and welcomes them to a place of refuge and healing for all people. We will expand partnerships with other area organizations to amplify efforts towards creating a more welcoming and inclusive Adirondacks.

Join us. Use your heart to raise your voice. Use your voice to register your protest. Use your VOTE to make lasting change! 

Take action, now.

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