Past Recipients of Micro-Grants

Past Recipients of Micro-Grants

Learn more about the Micro-Grants for Adirondack Farms

2019 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Adirondack farms and small businesses in Willsboro. 18 grants awarded to 14 farms and 4 small businesses.

Farm Grants

  • Adirondack Hay & Grains (Essex): $1,000 to purchase GPS assisted steering (Trimble guidance) to eliminate overlap turning and to conduct a case study to assess emissions/fuel reductions as a result of GPS technology;
  • Christian Brothers Farm (Willsboro): $1,200 to purchase or build a double rake hitch to eliminate the use of a second tractor for haying;
  • Craigardan (Keene): $3,000 for the 2019 Food Justice Summit – FEED BACK: Cultivating action;
  • DaCy Meadow Farm (Westport): $1,150 to purchase a WindyNation 300W solar energy kit to passively power a new chicken coop that will also function as a brooding facility & greenhouse;
  • Essex Farm (Essex): $1,400 to purchase 400lbs of legume seed cover crop (clover family) to seed 50 acres of farmland for carbon sequestration and soil health;
  • Green Street Family Farm & Sawmill (Keeseville): $1,500 to purchase a backup battery and pressurized system with frost protection for solar water pump;
  • Juniper Hill Farm (Westport): $1,500 to host a sustainable home building, hands-on workshop featuring sessions on: geothermal installation, heat pumps, radiant heating and straw bale home construction;
  • Moonstone Farm (Saranac Lake): $1,500 to purchase a CoolBot Pro with Wi-Fi and a 15k BTU AC unit for a new 8' by 6' CoolBot Cooler;
  • North Country Creamery (Keeseville): $1,500 to replace propane heaters with solar energy-sourced electric heat pumps for on-farm café and farm store;
  • Open Gate Farmstead (Keeseville): $1,500 to build a boundary fence, construct a "living fence" using berry bushes, and purchase fruit, nut, etc. seeds to be planted as food sources for livestock and to help address soil erosion;
  • Oregano Flats (Saranac): $1,500 to replace greenhouse plastic with SolaWrap, a high tunnel plastic film that has a lifespan of 25+ years;
  • Reber Rock Farm (Essex): $1,500 to complete the installation of a frost free watering unit, including excavation and extension of a water line, and a concrete pad on which the watering unit will sit;
  • Sugar House Creamery (Upper Jay): $1,000 to purchase a ripper attachment for the front-end loader of a tractor to aerate winter bedding in cow house;
  • Twin Hills Farm (Vermontville): $1,400 to convert a greenhouse heating system to use waste oil, and to set up educational stations for school groups;

Small Business Grants

  • Ausable Brewing Company (Keeseville): $1,500 to upgrade a solar hot water system by purchasing a 500-gallon water storage tank used for brewing in order to minimize dependence on a backup propane water heater;
  • Hub on the Hill (Essex): $1,500 to install solar panels to help power a refrigeration system within a new delivery truck;
  • Indian Bay Marina (Willsboro): $1,500 to add spray foam insulation to the underside of restaurant building; and, 
  • Northern Feast Catering (Keeseville): $1,500 to purchase and install a new oven (Vulcan Series SX36-6BN oven) to replace the current oven that leaks propane.

2018 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Champlain Valley farms and small businesses in Old Forge. 19 grants awarded to 15 farms and 4 small businesses, a total of $19,600.

Farm Grants

  • Black Kettle Farm – Essex – $1,500 to purchase a keyline plow to build, aerate and loosen soil for tree planting and to aerate wet pasture land;
  • Blue Pepper Farm – Jay – $1,300 to add a rainwater catchment system with water storage to the barn for livestock;
  • Brick House Farm Herbals – Essex  – $1,500 to build a swale along a prime agriculture plot location to create a sustainable agriculture utility out of non-agricultural land;
  • Clover Mead Café & Farm Store – Keeseville – $1,500 to purchase materials to weatherize and insulate doors and windows of the café and farm store, and paint the exterior of the café;
  • DaCy Meadow Farm – Westport – $1,000 to purchase a solar fence energizer, temporary fencing, and all connectors for a rotational grazing system;
  • Echo Farm – Essex – $1,500 to install an off-grid solar-powered energy system to power lighting, a display fridge, and a scale within a newly established farm stand;
  • Essex Farm – Essex – $1,500 to purchase a small-scale solar-powered water pump to be moved around the farm to provide water for animals and irrigation;
  • Fledging Crow Vegetables – Keeseville – $1,300 to hire an excavator to move nearly 50 tons of compost into piles in order to eliminate dependence on 10 hauls of off-site compost per year;
  • Full and By Farm – Essex – $1,500 (following a NYSERDA* energy audit) to upgrade lighting and an old freezer, and upgrade and expand chamber lighting with LED grow lights;
  • Green St. Family Farm & Sawmill – Keeseville – $1,500 to install a solar water pump;
  • Mace Chasm Farm – Keeseville – $1,500 to purchase an energy efficient poultry scalder;
  • Staley’s Maple Syrup & Farm – Saranac – $1,500 to purchase an energy efficient reverse osmosis system and wood gasification evaporator;
  • Tangleroot Farm – Essex – $1,500 to purchase greenhouse plastic, vents, fans and additional hardware and hire additional labor to complete a high tunnel project;
  • Triple Green Jade Farm – Willsboro – $500 to purchase solar electric fencing for a moveable chicken coup to produce organic eggs; and,
  • Woven Meadows Farm – Saranac – $500 for walk-in cooler improvements.

Small Business Grants

  • Adirondack Woodcraft Camps – Old Forge – $1,500 to upgrade to energy efficient kitchen appliances;
  • Hemmer Cottage – Old Forge – $1,500 to add cellulose insulation to preserve an historic building;
  • Old Forge Hardware & Furniture Co. – Old Forge – $1,500 to install an insulated fiberglass door; and,
  • The Toboggan Inn – Old Forge – $1,500 to install 13 energy efficient windows.

2017 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Local farms and small businesses in the 5 town region. 23 grants awarded to 16 farms and 7 small businesses, a total of $27,000.

Farm Grants

  • Ben Wever Farm - $500 to purchase beekeeping space & equipment;
  • Craigardan - $1,200 to build four solar electric chargers to power electric fences;
  • DaCy Meadow Farm - $1,500 to purchase, site, construct, and utilize a hydraulic ram pump (an energy-free watering system);
  • Echo Farm - $1,500 to build solar-powered irrigation for vegetables & livestock;
  • Essex Farm - $2,000 to plant four types of legumes for carbon sequestration;
  • Essex Farm Institute - $1,500 to host a carbon-related symposium;
  • Full and By Farm - $1,000 for maintenance and upgrades to horse-drawn farming equipment;
  • Harris Family Farm - $1,000 to purchase horse-drawn hay wagon;
  • The Hub on the Hill - $1,000 to implement phase II of a solar installation project;
  • Juniper Hill Farm - $600 for the construction of steam autoclave for mushroom spawn sterilization;
  • Oregano Flats Farm - $1,055.25 to purchase “phase change material” to improve thermal mass for solar gain;
  • Reber Rock Farm - $1,500 to purchase composting thermometer and other tools;
  • Rehoboth Homestead - $1,500 for the installation of a 10.44kw photovoltaic system;
  • Tangleroot Farm - $1,000 to purchase and install a high tunnel for a passively heated growing space;
  • Tim Rowland - $1,000 to build solar-powered fencing & watering system, and tree planting along Ausable River;
  • Wildwork Farm - $500 to install a moveable greenhouse;

Small Business Grants

  • Adirondac Rafting Company - $1,500 to insulate doorways;
  • Adirondack Hotel - $1,500 for insulation and LED lighting;
  • Cloud-Splitter Outfitters - $1,500 for the installation of solar;
  • Cv-Wireless - $1,000 to expand to more local farms in order to provide them with internet access;
  • Hoot Owl Lodge - $1,299 for spray foam insulation;
  • Scoops Great Ice Cream & More - $500 to install two new air conditioning systems; and,
  • The Inn at Santanoni - $1,500 for energy efficient appliance and insulation updates.

Total amount awarded: over $27,000

2016 Micro-Grant Projects

Scope: Local farms, predominantly in Essex County. 12 Grants awarded to 12 farms, a total of $12,500.

Farm Grants 

  • Black Kettle Farm – $1,500 for horse-powered wood-splitting operation;
  • Boquet Valley Farm $1,000 to modify and enhance beekeeping equipment;
  • Echo Farm$1,500 for improvements to a solar-powered watering system;
  • Harris Family Farm$1,500 for draft-horse gear at an organic dairy;
  • Hub on the Hill$1,500 for solar power improvements;
  • Juniper Hill Farm$1,500 to upgrade cold-storage and decrease energy use;
  • Kelsie’s Creamery$500 to increase seeding and pasture sustainability;
  • North Branch Farm$1,000 for diversified, more climate-resilient crops;
  • North Country Creamery $500 to expand/improve grazing rotations;
  • Reber Rock Farm$500 to go towards an expanded marketing campaign;
  • Sugar House Creamery$500 to upgrade milking technology;
  • Tangleroot Farm$1,000 for a growing tunnel to support early season crops.

Total amount awarded: $12,500

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