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Proposition 4 on the ballot November 5th

Times Union Blog
October 14, 2013

by: John T. McDonald III - Member New York State Assembly

There are many ballot items on the upcoming November 5th ballot other than the casino ballot. Proposition 4 is an example of a local initiative that has an impact locally in an upstate community but requires statewide support. I wish to share the piece from the New York League of Conservation Voters below which articulates the proposition. I did support this effort for your consideration as it resolves a long standing issue that has a community and environmental benefit. Take a look below to make up your own mind and Thank You to the NYLCV for a succinct summary of the initiative:

Here’s what Proposition 4 says: "The Constitution would authorize the Legislature to settle longstanding disputes between the State and private entities over ownership of certain parcels of land in the town of Long Lake, Hamilton County. In exchange for giving up its claim to disputed parcels, the State would get land to be incorporated into the forest preserve that would benefit the forest preserve more than the disputed parcels currently do. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?""

Here’s what it means and why you should vote yes: The end of nearly two centuries’ worth of expensive and often fruitless lawsuits over land ownership claims by various governmental and private parties. The proposed Constitutional amendment would permit the State to settle these so-called "Township 40 claims" and clear local land titles in exchange for funding to purchase land the state has long wanted to add to Adirondack Park.

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is expected to recommend that the Legislature target the historic Marion River Carry for acquisition through this process. This would also include beautifully forested acres along the Marion River, portions of the Utowana Lake shore, and a canoe portage that connects Raquette Lake with Utowana Lake and Blue Mountain Lake. This will open this land for public recreation and forever protect it from development.

The New York League of Conservation Voters endorses this proposal, as do the Open Space Institute, the Adirondack Council, the Adirondack Mountain Club, Adirondack Wild and Protect! the Adirondacks! For more information, go to:

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