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Letter to the Editor - Nonprofit groups network, collaborate

Adirondack Daily Enterprise
June 27, 2013

To the editor:

The Adirondack Nonprofit Network, a project of Adirondack Community Trust, the community foundation of the Adirondacks, recently hosted its annual two-day member retreat at the Blue Mountain Center and a workshop, "What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up: Creating a Sustainable, Successful Organization," at The Wild Center. More than 30 nonprofits participated in both events.

ANN's mission is to support and connect nonprofits in their efforts to improve the quality of life in the Adirondacks. Thirty-three organizations serving health care, arts, mental health, public media, environment, education, economic development, civic, and cultural organizations gather annually to work as teams on a variety of topics.

The retreat once again solidified the important role nonprofits play in enhancing and improving the quality of life in the Adirondacks. The workshop, meanwhile, offered advice on how nonprofits can strengthen leadership among staff and board members. It also got participants thinking about the relevance and impact of their organization's work, and their resilience and ability to survive a difficult economic climate.

Nonprofit organizations, like government and the private sector, must think creatively in order to continue delivering critical services to the Adirondack region; ANN allows organizations to share ideas and collaborate to accomplish this goal. By working together, nonprofits become stronger and more sustainable, and everyone benefits.

Thank you to all of the supporters who make the work of the region's nonprofits possible.

ANN Advisory Council:
Jill Breit, TAUNY
Cali Brooks, ACT
Steven Engelhart, AARCH
Diane Fish, Adirondack Council
Stephanie Ratcliffe, The Wild Center
Ben Strader, BMC
Kip Thompson, Families First in Essex County

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