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Adirondack Council wants policy banning ATV use on Forest Preserve to be law

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December 20, 2015

Adirondack Council will lobby in the upcoming state legislative session for a state law prohibiting the use of all terrain vehicles on state Forest Preserve land.

“There’s been a state policy against the use of ATVs on the Forest Preserve for some time now,”said John Sheehan, the environmental group’s spokesman. “But it has only been a policy, and it could be altered by a new DEC commissioner or a new governor without consulting the Legislature . We think it’s time for a ban on the Forest Preserve.”

Sheehan said the group is amenable to ATV use on private land that has public recreation easements, or on public land other than Forest Preserve.

“We would be willing to discuss liberalizing the weight limits and other options including securing legal places for ATV riders to go that are not on the Forest Preserve as well,” he said

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