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For decades acid rain has been a silent threat to our Adirondack forests, waters, wildlife and communities. To this day, acid rain remains a continuing national tragedy.

Thanks to previous regulations, significant reductions in acid rain pollutants have been achieved. But now, Congress and the Trump administration have promised to eliminate many environmental laws and regulations. These roll-backs threaten the progress we have made over the past two decades in limiting acid rain causing pollution in the Adirondacks and elsewhere.

I support the strengthening (not abandoning) of our policies to protect the Adirondack Park from acid rain. Gutting public health and environmental programs aimed at ensuring pollution reductions and monitoring progress is unacceptable! The Adirondack are a national treasure and deserve better. We must strengthen protections for our Adirondack forests, waters, wildlife, and communities and end acid rain once and for all!

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