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Protect our Adirondack Legacy
Stand up for Wilderness! - See more at: http://www.adirondackcouncil.org/page/protect-our-adirondack-legacy-177.html#sthash.5s8Fr5hk.dpufTell Governor Cuomo What’s on Your Holiday Wish List for the Adirondacks!Tell Governor Cuomo What’s on Your Holiday Wish List for the Adirondacks!

Save the Adirondacks from the Return of Acid Rain! - Write to Congresswoman Stefanik Today – Please send your letter by May 31

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The Council's Activist Network is a subgroup of our main membership that is made up of people who want to get more involved in protecting the Adirondack Park. Our activists write letters or make phone calls to policy makers, attend public hearings, and meet with their own elected representatives - all to promote protections for the Adirondack Park.

With your continued assistance in raising Adirondack issues and concerns in Albany, throughout the state, and in Washington, D.C., the Council will work to ensure that adequate funding is available so that priority parcels in the Adirondacks are preserved and protective legislation and regulations are enacted.

Over the past decade, the Adirondack Council's Activists have helped us accomplish vital and lasting improvements in the state and federal policies that protect the Adirondack Park and often other natural areas throughout the state.

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