About Us

About Us

About UsThe Adirondack Council is the largest citizen environmental group in New York State working full-time, on a daily basis in the Adirondack Park, in the state capital and in Washington to preserve this six-million-acre treasure.

"The Adirondack Council inspires public participation in policy debates by advocating for positive solutions to complex issues for the benefit of the Park and its people."


Founded: 1975

Mission: The Adirondack Council mission is to ensure the ecological integrity and wild character of the Adirondack Park.

Vision: An Adirondack Park with clean air and water and large wilderness areas, surrounded by working farms and forests and vibrant communities.

Organization: Members in all 50 states; 10 staff members in two offices: seven in Elizabethtown in the Adirondack Park, three in the state capital of Albany; Board of Directors.

Funding: Funded by private individuals and foundations - no government funding

Annual Budget: $1.5 million (VIEW our financial statements).

To achieve our vision for the Adirondack Park, we:

  • sponsor and publish research;
  • educate the public and policy makers;
  • advocate for regulations, policies and funding to benefit the Park’s environment and communities;
  • monitor compliance, proposals, legislation and policies impacting the Park; and,
  • take legal action when necessary to uphold constitutional protections and agency policies establish to protect the Adirondacks.