Wilderness for Boreas Ponds

Wilderness for Boreas Ponds

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In early 2016, Gov. Andrew Cuomo completed the state’s largest Adirondack land purchase in over 100 years, by purchasing the last of the 65,000 acres of former Finch-Pruyn paper-company lands from the Nature Conservancy. The 20,500+ acre Boreas Ponds tract contains some of the Adirondack Park’s purest waters and its wildest, rarest and most fragile wildlife habitat. But, purchasing the property is not enough to protect its sensitive water and wildlife habitat. We must protect the Boreas Ponds and their watershed from motorized vehicles to preserve our Adirondack legacy.

Next Steps

The Governor’s Adirondack Park Agency (APA) recently wrapped up its public comment period on its draft plans on how the state should classify and manage the Boreas Ponds and adjacent lands. Thank you to all who wrote letters and attended statewide public hearing to oppose the APA's  faux-Wilderness proposals that allow motorized use and don’t protect the ponds, wetlands, shorelines, and forests in and around the Boreas Ponds as Wilderness. These options invite invasive species and overcrowding and sabotage an opportunity for a Wilderness experience.Click HERE to see why this area must be classified Wilderness.

Click HERE to review the state’s proposals and the Adirondack Council’s proposal.

Donate for Wilderness

The Adirondack Council is investing significant time and resources to amplify public support for Wilderness. We are proudly partnering with other groups in the BeWildNY campaign, building coalitions, launching petitions, purchasing advertising, funding research, meeting with officials, working with the media, and more. These investments of staff time and money are critical to a successful outcome.

Please consider joining the campaign for Wilderness at this critical time, so the Adirondack Council can continue our daily monitoring of agencies and effective advocacy for good Park policy, while stretching our efforts now to make history (and Wilderness!) happen.

Donate for Wilderness


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