Vice President for Conservation

Vice President for Conservation

Job Description

Supervisor:  Executive Director
Location:     Elizabethtown/remote                                                                         

Summary of Vice President for Conservation Position

The Vice President for Conservation is responsible for leading the Council’s conservation programs, ensuring enhanced preservation and improved management of the unique ecological elements and wild character of the Adirondacks. The Vice President, staff, and volunteers provide timely and pro-active identification, review, analysis, and recommendations on the conservation issues that the Adirondack Council prioritizes.  The Vice President actively engages and networks with academic, governmental, and non-profit entities to develop and advocate for collaborative, data-based approaches, strategies, and policies that are consistent with the Council’s goals, values, and positions. The Vice President is the chief science officer for the Council.

In coordination with the Executive Director and senior program staff, the Vice President develops or helps other programs develop accurate, educational advocacy information and materials, and is responsible for the collaboration and implementation of conservation-related projects that achieve the organization’s strategic planning objectives, fulfills its mission and gets positive results.  The Vice President coordinates Board conservation committee activities, works closely with members of the Board of Directors, and is expected to serve at all times as a knowledgeable and professional senior representative for the organization.  This position is supervised by the Executive Director.  The Vice President participates on the senior management team and supervises conservation program staff working remotely and/or out of the Adirondack Council’s main office in Elizabethtown in the Champlain Valley/Tri-Lakes region of the Adirondack Park.

Policy Duties:

  • Design and implement science-based landscape-scale conservation strategies in collaboration with the Council’s Board Committees (Conservation, Government Relations, Fund Development), and other appropriate private conservation organizations and government agencies, to preserve the Adirondack Park as a national treasure.
  • Provide technical regulatory guidance and support for the Council’s program actions related to public land use planning and natural resource management impacting the Adirondack Park, including the DEC Forest Preserve unit management planning process and Adirondack Park Agency planning and decision making.
  • Act as a liaison between the state agencies and the Council as needed, as well as ensure that the Council is represented at and comments as appropriate at monthly Park Agency meetings, public hearings, and appropriate local government meetings.
  • Supervise a park monitoring program, including the compatible use of the private lands and waters within the Adirondack Park.
  • Complete and submit written public comments in response to proposed actions, when appropriate, and testify at public hearings when invited.
  • Represent the Adirondack Council and advocate for the Council’s conservation priorities.

Conservation Duties:

  • Supervise research, education, and outreach programs needed to advance the Council’s conservation programs in collaboration with research and educational institutions, conservation organizations, and government agencies.
  • Organize and facilitate policy, science, and educational events in collaboration with other organizations.
  • Identify and support appropriate community-based conservation programs that advance the compatible use and development of the Adirondack Park’s forests, lands, and waters.
  • Conduct and/or manage fieldwork to strengthen the Council’s understanding of the Park’s conservation values and the impacts of proposed actions regarding public lands; document with photographs and record notes.

Management Duties:

  • Prepare and monitor an annual conservation program plan and budget in collaboration with the Operations Program and Executive Director.
  • Actively participate on the Adirondack Council management team with other program directors and the executive director, including active engagement of the Council Board Conservation Committee.
  • Supervise and periodically assess the performance of Conservation staff. Interns are frequently used to assist with the Conservation program. Facilitate and support skills development and career development opportunities.
  • Represent the Council to external audiences, participate on various advisory groups such as the State Forest Preserve Advisory Council and the Lake Champlain Basis NY Citizens Advisory Committee, and others, and assist in fundraising efforts, as requested.
  • Park-wide and remote Wilderness (non-motorized) travel is necessary and state-wide travel is required, in all seasons, for public hearings, meetings, etc.

Entrance Requirements:

  • Five to seven years of demonstrated professional and personal involvement in conservation and natural resources-related work. Experience with Adirondack Park issues, advocacy, and regulatory policies preferred.
  • Advanced degree in natural sciences, conservation biology, land-use planning, or similar fields.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and outstanding interpersonal skills to work effectively with a wide variety of people at all levels.
  • Successful senior management experience with strategic planning, policy review, program development, staff supervision, and career development.
  • Car with winter travel capability.
  • Physical ability to travel several miles into remote places on foot.
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team.

How to Apply

Please send resume and cover letter in one pdf file to Charlotte Staats, with Subject: Vice President for Conservation position. Resumes will be considered on a rolling basis as received.

Organizational Purpose/Mission Statement: Based in Elizabethtown, NY (30 miles east of Lake Placid), the mission of the Adirondack Council is to ensure the ecological integrity and wild character of New York’s six-million-acre Adirondack Park for current and future generations. We envision an Adirondack Park with clean water and air and large wilderness areas, surrounded by working farms and forests and vibrant local communities. To protect the Adirondacks, the Council uses the best science, the law, and an understanding of political decision making, to educate, inform, and motivate the public and those who make public policy. We are committed to building a diverse staff and strongly encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds.  

The Adirondack Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applicants receive equal considerations without regard to age, race, color, religion, marital status, sexual preference, ancestry, national origin, handicap, or disability. Employees are selected on the basis of their individual qualifications and ability to fulfill the requirements of the job. The same considerations apply to promotions, pay increases, and all other conditions of employment with the Adirondack Council.

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