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Protect Clean Water and Jobs in the Adirondacks!

Close the Invasive Species Legal Loophole by April 30!


 The Adirondack Park is a national treasure and source of clean water for five major watersheds, including the Hudson River. Aquatic invasive species threaten clean water, tourism, and jobs that are essential to Adirondack communities. Once established in a waterbody, invasive species are difficult and expensive to eradicate.

Currently, the New York State Aquatic Invasive Species Transport Law requires motorized boat operators to take “reasonable precautions” prior to launching their watercraft into public waters. But, this voluntary inspection model in the Park continues to see low compliance rates. Public uncertainty about the law has led to underutilized boat inspection and decontamination stations. This leaves Adirondack waters vulnerable to further invasive species spread.

The current aquatic invasive species transport law will expire on June 1, 2021. We have an opportunity to strengthen the law by authorizing the Department of Environmental Conservation to conduct aquatic invasive species inspections, decontaminations (boat washing), and tagging (issuing a seal to indicate a boat is clean).

Let’s get this done this year! Please email Governor Cuomo, Senator Todd Kaminsky, and Assemblymen Steve Englebright and Billy Jones by April 30 and tell them:

  • Since 2015, 25 new invasive species infestations have been recorded in Adirondack waters, indicating that the Park’s current, free, and expansive network of boat inspection and decontamination stations is being underutilized.
  • While 17 states have boat inspection authority and 14 states have boat washing authority, New York State has neither.
  • Please strengthen the Aquatic Invasive Species Transport Law this year by authorizing the Department of Environmental Conservation to conduct aquatic invasive species inspections, decontaminations, and tagging.

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Thank you for taking the time to help protect Adirondack waters from invasive species!

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19-20 Accomplishments

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