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Public Comments/Bill Memos

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Memos on State Legislation 2016

Memorandum in Support

  • S. 7966 (Farley) - An act approving land transactions relating to implementation of the settlement of property disputes in township 40, in the Town of Long Lake


Memorandum in Support

  • A.263 (Rosenthal)/ S.5304 (Marcellino) - Provides for the authority of the department of health to engage in or support research on the health effects of artificial night light.
  • A.751 (Rosenthal)/ S.4224 (Marcellino) - An act to amend the environmental conservation law and the public service law, in relation to enacting the healthy, safe and energy efficient outdoor lighting act.
  • A.8744 (Sweeney) - An Act to amend to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to prohibiting the manufacture, distribution and sale of personal cosmetic products containing microbeads.

Memorandum in Opposition 

  • A. 4971-A Russell - An act to amend the vehicle and traffic law, in relation to the definition and use of all-terrain vehicles.
  • S.6222 (Ritchie) - An act to amend the agriculture and markets law and the environmental conservation law, in relation to water withdrawal reporting and FOIL protection.
  • S.3462 (Seward) /A.4758 (Magee) - Concurrent Resolution of the Senate and Assembly proposing an amendment to section 8 of article 4 of the constitution, in relation to legislative review of rules and regulations.

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