Farms & Forests

Farms & Forests

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Well-stewarded privately owned forests and farm land are an important historic and ecological element of the Adirondack Park that contributes significantly to its open space character.

Farms and Forests

Preserving the open space qualities of large tracts of private land and supporting working forests and farms. Goals include:

  • Increase the acres of private Adirondack forest land where sustainable forestry standards or best management practices are followed.
  • Conserve working forests and working farmland through conservation easements and other programs.
  • Retain at least 5,000 acres of working farmland in the Champlain Valley and the greater Adirondack region.
  • Provide micro-grants to farmers through the Cool Farms/Healthy Park program to enhance the economic, human and environmental sustainability and resiliency of Adirondack farms.