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The Adirondack  Council is grateful to Carl Heilman ll and Larry Master for the use of their photographs and their commitment to Adirondack Park conservation.

Carl Heilman ll/Wild Visions, Inc.

Outdoor photographer Carl Heilman ll has lived in the Adirondacks in upstate New York since he moved to the region in 1973 to live in his parents' summer home. He has worked in the region as a carpenter and contractor, and over the years also became well-known for his traditionally hand-crafted snowshoes and his snowshoeing expertise.

Carl has been photographing the wilderness landscape since 1975, working to capture on film both the grandeur of these special places, and the emotional and spiritual connection he has felt as well. His passion for spending as much time as possible in some of the wildest regions of the Adirondacks, soon became a lifelong quest to create images that record the essence of a true wilderness experience, and help convey that feeling to others. Today he is a full time professional outdoor nature photographer.

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Larry Master

Larry Master received a B.S. at St Lawrence University and then spent two years in the military (Vietnam).  After doctoral and post-doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, Larry spent 20 years with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and 6 years with NatureServe, most of that time as Chief Zoologist. Larry conceived and co-authored Rivers of Life: Critical Watersheds for Protecting Freshwater Biodiversity. He has also authored numerous other publications as well as chapters in several books (e.g., Precious Heritage, Our Living Resources). Larry lives in Lake Placid with his wife Nancy.  He is also a “conservation photographer,” specializing in wildlife, especially threatened species, and he donates all his work to conservation organizations.  Larry lectures regularly on climate change and its impending impacts and what we can all do to try to avoid or minimize catastrophic impacts.

Other Photographs

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