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Become a Member

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Your donation combined with that of thousands of others adds up to the resources the Adirondack Council needs to advocate for the Adirondack Park every day. And the number of members we have counts. By being a member of the Council, you strengthen our voice for the Park, ensuring that policy makers listen and understand how important the Park is to you and thousands of others. If you join with a gift of $35, you can choose to receive a set of eight (8) Adirondack notecards or the 2017 Forever Wild Calendar. If you join with a gift of $50 or more and choose our Adirondack Park Map.

When you become a New Member with a gift of $18 or more, you will help the Council secure a grant of $50,000 as part of the Robert Wilson Adirondack Challenge.  Also, new and increased gifts of $1,000 or more may be eligible for a 1:1 match.  Learn more. 

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When you make a contribution of $35 or more you can choose to receive:

Adirondack Note Cards

A packet of 8 Adirondack wildlife note cards and envelopes from conservation photographer Larry Master ( Enjoy a variety of
wildlife species that call the Adirondack Park home.

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Images include the American Bullfrog, Great Gray Owl, Moose, North American River Otter, Bohemian Waxwing, Bobcat, Wood Duck and the Northern Shrike.

2017 Forever Wild Calendar

Featuring the Adirondack landscape photography of Carl Heilman II, the Adirondack Council’s 2017 Forever Wild calendar brings you into the Park with Carl’s breathtaking images. Measures 9x12 closed and 18x12 open.

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In appreciation of your membership gift of $50 or more, you can choose to receive:

Adirondack Park Map

This 2nd Edition of our Adirondack Park Map (35" x 43") shows public andprivate lands, wilderness areas, mountains, rivers, towns and highways. The map is bordered by beautiful, detailed watercolor illustrations by artist Anne Lacy depicting various Park habitat.

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